No One Decides My Fate But Me.

Hello America! My name is Abigail Walker, but my friends and enemies call me "Julia". Two things you should know about me, one, I'm in love with Troy Baker; two, Once Upon A Time, The Last of Us, and Bioshock Infinite ruined my life.


Why We Love Troy Baker:

#64. This

Tram 12/25/13

I took this photo from his vine. So yea.

I secretly dislike my best friends because they are beautiful, and they have nice clothes and look good in those clothes. I don’t have stylish clothes and most of the time I feel ugly.





I highly doubt it. What was the gift anyway? How do we know the 14 people didn’t leave just to get away from this man?

Are abortion clinics even open on Christmas Eve? Christmas Eve is pretty much a holiday on its own.

Christmas eve,… riiiight.. and unless each package contained a few thousand dollars to raise the infant, I doubt this is true. It’s so silly how prolifers have to cling to false stories to try and feel good about what they do. It’s gotta be pretty awful to have to cling to fake to feel good. 

It’s so silly how prochoicers have to attack stories to try and feel justified about what they do. It’s gotta be pretty awful to not be able to rejoice over the fact that 14 women chose life for their babies. I mean, you are all about choice aren’t you?